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DIY Hip Lips Lip Balm


Product Description

This is a DIY craft box with instructions and materials included to make DIY Lip Balm. The box also includes a bonus craft to make seed bombs made from the newspaper shredding that are in our box as packaging material. This craft project is super easy and gives you enough to make 8 personal lip balms for yourself or as a gift!. It's perfect for crafters who enjoy making natural crafts or crafts to implement essential oils. Materials include: 2 1⁄2 Tbsp Sunflower Oil, 1 Tbsp Organic Shea Butter, 1⁄2 Oz Beeswax Pastilles, Peppermint or Sweet Orange Essential Oils (your choice), 4 - Lip Balm Tubes; 4 - Lip Balm Pots, 1 - Rubber Band, Clothespin Diffuser, Seed Bomb instructions and paper to start your seed bombs as well.

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